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We are an executive coaching business that provides one to one, group and board interventions to improve operational and organisational performance.

Our Passion

Our passion is to help individuals, boards and groups to get better at what they do – challenging the status quo and delivering even more sustainable performance.

Our Methods

We complement our face to face engagements with appropriate, relevant and reliable online provisions that enhances the development journey.

What people say about us

Simon worked with me at Vodafone for many years and is also a close confidant, friend, and coach to me. Genuine, a great listener, buckets of emotional intelligence and empathy. Since leaving Vodafone Simon has taken the time to get to know the real me and supported me through challenging career decisions. He is an outstanding innovator, senior executive coach and transformational in his leadership.

Members of my team have worked with Simon three times over the last couple of years. Each time the individual has found their work together to be very rewarding and really enabled them to achieve much more of their potential than had been the case previously.

I have been fortunate to benefit from Simon’s coaching recently. He has facilitated the development of my vision for two successive roles now including linking vision to strategy, stakeholder engagement and clear communication. His calm and level style and his ability to get to the heart of the matter by asking the right questions has continuously impressed me.

His reliable and trustworthy approach enabled our relationship to develop really quickly. His challenging questions and persistence certainly makes you reflect and think deeply about the issues of concern and identify a way forward that perhaps you hadn’t considered before. A great guy to work with who is happy to push you towards your potential.

Our writing

Working on your credibility.

Your credibility within an organisation is made up of three things, that of TRUST – do the people around you trust what you are saying and doing? EXPERIENCE – do you demonstrate your experience? BELIEVABILITY – is what you are saying and how you are acting believable?...
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Uncertain complexity & chaotic politics is perhaps a good thing?

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche I am apolitical and enjoy living with chaos. I similarly have no allegiance to any of the political parties that have been running for election over the past few months (but did...
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The noises in my head

Over the past month, I have been playing with the idea about how I learn best. It is not so much about access to material – we have an abundance of this now what with rich internet access to perhaps whatever we want to read, and with the new phrase "Google It" now...
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The world now needs us to dream

We spend a lot of our time looking into problems and issues that may have arisen in our work place or at home. Some of these are really important or have significant consequences if operationally they are not dealt with efficiently. Part of a leaders’ role is not only...
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