Welcome to Wheresmylunch – the home of great development

We offer our clients an industry strength organisational development experience that is customised to their specific needs.

The interventions and trainings that we design and implement help develop and grow personal and company outcomes.

At a personal level, we help our clients development by :-

  • Being more in control,
  • Helping them to demonstrate greater insight and awareness in their role and environment,
  • Generating high return on investment on our engagement,
  • Helping our clients feel more confident and self assured in their actions,
  • Working on methods to ensure our clients take even more effective decisions that have wider considerations and thoughts,Call now to start your development journey
  • Engaging our clients to define encompassing strategies to deliver their business responsibilities forward.

At an organisational level, we help our organisational clients development by :-

  • improving organisation and team focus
  • develop and implement improved strategies against understood core requirements
  • stabilising organisational improvement considering perhaps better /alternative communication methods
  • getting better and more focused results
  • evaluating and highlighting process improvements

Both lists are not exhaustive but give you a flavour of how we work.

Our clients include managers and executives in organisations in health, government, telecommunications, utilities, engineering, automotive and education. We are also involved in helping to grow the the exciting entrepreneur and global tech communities by pushing some of the boundaries of what we can achieve today.

Contact us now to further your development and engage in better results for you and your business.