Welcome to Wheresmylunch – the home of great development

We offer our clients an industry strength development experience that is customised to their specific needs.

The outcomes are to designed to help them develop and grow personal and company ability.

We are so lucky working in this fast moving and exciting development field as we work with amazing people that really want to work on their personal development, assisting them to achieve their personal and organisational goal.

Our approach helps our clients to improve their development by : –
  • Being more in control,
  • Helping them to demonstrate greater insight and awareness in their role and environment,
  • Generating stupidly high return on investment,
  • Helping our clients feel more confident and self assured in their actions,
  • Working on methods to ensure our clients take even more effective decisions that have wider considerations and thoughts,Call now to start your development journey
  • Engaging our clients to define encompassing strategies to deliver their business responsibilities forward.

Our clients could be industry experts, leaders, academics and / or people that will make a difference to future prosperity. They could be a CEO, CTO, or CFO, a business unit leader or senior manager.

These leaders have several things in common :
  • they want to be challenged in a safe and developmental way;
  • they want to enjoy greater personal exploration in areas that can be rewarding;
  • they want to work on stretching their development both personally and organisationally;
  • they want to gain greater personal and organisational achievement and reward.

Our clients include managers and executives in health, government, telecommunications, utilities, engineering, automotive and education. We are also involved in helping to grow the the exciting entrepreneur and global tech communities by pushing some of the boundaries of what we can achieve today.

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Good Development is hard to find. But we do it good.