Improving health, improving mind.

The great outdoors

Since Christmas, I have been working with a personal trainer to improve my fitness levels. Each week, I religiously prepare for the hour ritual of bodily torture and celebration.

For me, I need to be able to justify to myself the reasons why I am giving the time not just to this ritual but also to the sessions that are essential between instruction. Essential because it is part of the discipline, and because without it, the pain in the weekly sessions would be far to much. I ask myself then, what is my motivation?

I have noticed a difference since I have started, I am walking taller. Not just because some of the middle aged tyres have dropped off and I ‘appear’ taller but because I feel good. I am happier, and my mind is feeling more agile. For some that know me, they dread this. But with the increased agility of mind and creativity, I am noticing greater control. A neuro scientist could probably explain why, but I am not a neuroscientist – perhaps a kindly soul could explain? This self control of an agile mind … mmm an interesting concept.

I have long heard that looking after the body will look after the mind – and I am feeling this.

This experience is now going to be forming part of my coaching toolkit to help the executives and leaders that I work with to themselves become more agile and nimble whilst opening up new horizons that whole improvement can deliver.