The noises in my head


Over the past month, I have been playing with the idea about how I learn best.

It is not so much about access to material – we have an abundance of this now what with rich internet access to perhaps whatever we want to read, and with the new phrase “Google It” now becoming common place.

It is not about the plethora of guides guiding you through the most obscure processes that you need only once in your life or that business publication informing you of a new way of doing something that is actually a rework of a 1980s theory.

What I have, is an inner desire to play with stuff.

Books and papers are great but I end the read with a ‘so what?’ message resonating in my mind. So what does this mean on everything else that I know and want to create but do not know it yet.

The play is the creative part of me coming through and making the learning real. I remember in doing my MBA, the basic theories were easy, the application a bit tougher, but the joining of thoughts in a cohesive and explainable way, that’s what helped me tackle the ‘so what’?

Having understood this has now helped me to learn better. I recognise that simply reading a book or paper is not enough for me.

I need to actively apply this in a practical way – but this craving is not about knowledge gathering but is about knowledge creation.

I am a knowledge creator.

What are you?