Complexity is simple … really

When I was doing my MBA a few years ago, we covered complex systems. These are systems were something happening in one place has an impact on something in a distant chain. This cause and effect mechanism introduces us to the beauty of how the human mind processes ambiguity and decision making.

I have just bought a bike. This bike is a reaction to ‘doing’ the London to Brighton bike ride in a few weeks. The choice of ‘bike’ was complex but simple. I ruled out BMX, mountain bike and hybrid – a unicycle would not be practical and so I focused on a road bike. Road bikes have several different types (and even more variations that lead to increased costs…).

Complexity introduces decision choice that can hopefully be based on great advice.

Queue specialist bike shop that is run by cycle enthusiasts first. Complexity in bike choice is not a thing that I am an expert in and I need the use of the learned expert. Road bike, sports bike, touring bike…. Opted for a mixture. Something that can eat the miles (as I want to do lots of these), as well as a bit of comfort. Last thing left… colour… and this was outsourced to my son.

Now a proud owner of a bright orange and black bike …

So what is the message here. Our clients need the expert to ask that right questions, to unlock the correct resources, and help them to make the correct decisions for that situation. Some decisions are likely to be more appropriate than others, some experts more right (if that’s the phrase) than others. Our job, our profession as coaches, is to provide the challenge, feedback and support to help our clients answer those tricky questions and take decisions.