Taking a cold shower is good for you!

Taking a Cold Shower is good for you!

When did you last take a cold shower?

According to a recent paper in PLOS that considered a 30 day study on 3000 people taking daily showers, exposing your body to cold water is good for you.

Results showed a 29% reduction in sickness absence when they had a cold blast although it didn’t stop the participants getting sick. They just got better quicker and reported higher energy levels with many of the testers carrying on the challenge for longer.

Why could this be happening?

Perhaps cortisol and norepinephrine were enhanced as you took the shower – cortisol being a hormone that influences or regulates or modulates the immune responses. Additional evidence  suggests that exposure to cold, stimulates the hypothalamus into a fight or flight response due to the increased stress placed on the body. As our brown adipose tissue or fat gets broken down as we shiver, we produce heat.

Cold Shower is good for you
When it gets cold, our body goes into a stress state.