A few thoughts about the power of reflection

Over the past month, I have been dipping into some of the wonderfully rich learning experience of the World Business and Executive Coaching Summit (WBECS). This brings together industry leaders into a learning space where thought leaders are sharing their research and methods that can help move people to a different and elevated position in their coaching.

The sessions are full on – containing lots of material to unpick and resort in my mind. So how am I juggling this with the hectic work and home life that I lead. I know that each session is about 90 minutes long and I have set myself an achievable target to get through the entire recorded sessions over the next 4 months. This equates to 3 hours of learning per week – definitely achievable. I find that I fit a session in when I have a diary slot – and find that I am looking forward to it.

During the session, I take copious notes – the slide decks are available but that is not the same as learning.

Reflection 1 : What is the best way for you to get the most out of your learning experiences?

I make notes on light bulb moments to revisit the next day having had time to sub consciously think and religiously set time aside the next day to think again through the light bulb moments. I don’t push it – a learn from yesterdays session on neuroscience was that a cortisol trip (the ‘stress’ brain chemical that focuses the mind on a solution, and limits creativity) has a shelf life of upto 26 hours. Putting real life constructs in place, if writers block hits, then the best thing to do is to do something different. Similarly when you find yourself in a learning space, celebrate it and take real benefit.

Reflection 2 : How do you cope with a blocking experience?

In another example, there was a talk on the competencies demonstrated by top global leaders. When you think about the competencies, there are not any suprises and it is encouraging that perhaps what we could think about as requirements were there.

  • Thinking globally
  • Appreciating diversity
  • Building partnerships
  • Sharing leadership
  • Developing technology savvy

For me, and on reflection, the lightbulb went off when discussing the developing the tech savvy. The webinar suggested that the global leader can embrace and understand what tech solutions could do to increase productivity for tomorrows world, but builds the capability for others to deliver for the organisation.

Reflection 3 : When you look at the five competencies required of a global leader, how would you work with a leader that aspired to become a global leader? What area do you need to develop further as a business owner, coach or mentor?

For me, the benefit of signing up and paying for this type of development has been clear. This has triggered some amazing thoughts that I can use both with my clients and on my businesses. Covey introduced us to the circles of influence models, and the same model can be applied here when we consider our comfort zones. We operate simply within our space – delivering the stuff that we do ok. Most of the material delivered through WBECS is stretching and I find myself in the stretch zone. I find myself challenging my thinking – recreating process and thought to help in making my delivery better than just OK. Some material does not resonate – but I stick with it and try to draw at least 3 learns from it.

Coaching is not just about turning up to an intervention, it is about helping the client get to a far better outcome position than they would do without you and to do this you need to spend time stretching and developing.

Reflection 4 : What can you do today to develop and stretch yourself as a coach or as a mentor to make your coaching and mentoring interventions an even more amazing experience for your clients?