Why let 10 seconds the rest of the day?

I ran a workshop yesterday exploring high performance in teams and how to overcome some of the ‘interferences’ that can occur.

As I was running the workshop, we dipped into change and the Bridges model about Endings and New Beginnings and the importance of letting go of old processes and behaviours.

Things happen in our lives everyday. Things that are within our control, things that make us irate, and things that we love. Some things that happen are an irate response to things. I frequently observe people driving and when someone makes a slight error in judgement, they shake their head and can wallow for a bit. That bit is dependent on how easy someone finds it to let go of that emotion. For some, that can go on a long time and this then turns into a full on moan.

In the grand scheme of things, we are not on this planet for long – so perhaps savouring every minute of what we do should be a priority. Our 10 second experience then can impact the other 86390 seconds left in that day. Why should we let that small factor impact what could be a wonderful day.

Just a thought…..