Do I need to be a spartacular duck more occassionally?

is it time to feed the ducks?


I am listening to “Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygi”.

It brings back memories of the BBC TV, the Onedin Line, that was occasionally watched by my family as I grew up. Nice memories of childhood.

A question that was asked recently was “when did you last feed the ducks”?

I find myself pondering this. I am not sure why. Perhaps it is my urge to always run at 200 mph (or kmh) or maybe it is the need for a good, long weekend removed from the pungency of growing a diverse and innovative business.

An observation made earlier today, was that I don’t tend to take too long to make a decision.

I find myself asking if this is an issue? I believe that life moves fast, and decisions have to be taken. Taking time to decide where something goes, or when should a new product be launched just gets in the way of innovation. So, I think not – but it depends.

Just perhaps, I need to be a spartacular duck occasionally.