A Model of Appreciation

Appreciative Inquiry can achieve great results

Following on from last weeks blog on Appreciative Inquiry, this week I am going to introduce a method that can be used in a coaching context and a special offer at the foot of this blog.

The 5Ds of appreciation can be used to help a client push through being stuck and re-imagine a new world. You are likely to be familiar with the GROW model, and I consider this to be similar.


What is the subject that the client wishes to work on? Think content, purpose and what the client needs to achieve. Ask them to articulate this in their language and help them to picture an outcome that satisfies this definition.


This phase helps people to re-engage with previous personal, or organisational success where they were where they want to be. I think about this as the grounding or congratulatory phase where we work on the confidence of the coachee helping them to celebrate their previous successes.


Think about a wild and vivid dream. What could happen if all the planets alligned or if the coachee was granted three wishes. What is utopia? What is utopia +?


How can the dream now become a reality? Break the dream down into bite size chunks that can be achieved. Explore what it is going to be like on this journey and help the client to live the ‘micro’ dream


This is about embedding. There will never be a different outcome than that that the client is going to work on. Help the client to anchor a positive belief in what they are going to achieve and what this means to them

A simple model, that really works.