Being a great leader

How to be the best business leader

Running and leading a business isn’t the easiest of tasks. Entrepreneurs have a range of responsibilities that they must fulfil to keep the business operating at its best and ensure that staff are motivated. What sets the best business leader apart is the certain traits they possess that make them do things differently. To learn more…


Why everyone should strive to be a creative thinker.

Whether you’re a business leader or a budding entrepreneur, it’s likely that you’re faced with competition from all directions. It could be from your peers, superiors, or your own internal goals, drivers and expectations. Whatever it is, it’s no longer simply enough to just turn up at work. You have to think outside the box,…



We are in a world where the term exponential has become a much-understood word. But several examples that we do not talk about are the exponential innovations that have been occurring across the world that brings hope, social support and solutions to a health service that has also gone through an exponential change.


Six considerations for adding flow to chaos

It would be wonderful if we could predict and control the future flow. However, we live in a chaotic world where the future is generally unknown. Look at the impact of Brexit, and now Covid-19. Chaos can be defined as a “place between order and disorder” where the outcome evolves typically through the self-organisation of…

team coaching

Five key rules about team coaching.

Five key rules about team coaching Working as a team coach is often challenging in many ways. Perhaps some players are not on board with the approach. Maybe a team is dysfunctional; perhaps different motivations are in play. Perhaps a team is not a team but a group of individuals delivering an outcome with individual…