About Wheresmylunch


Inspired through learning on his MBA, Simon Hague launched Wheresmylunch in 2008 with a view to aiding and enhancing organisational and personal performance of business managers and leaders. Since then, we have worked with some amazing people, helping them to take a hard look at their environment and make changes that they have felt has been the best thing for them to do.

Some assignments completed include :-

  • assisting an NHS authority understand the benefits of coaching and learning programs in their organisation with recommendations for improvement
  • acting as an executive coach provision for senior leaders and board in public health, charity, utilities, legal, finance and manufacturing sectors
  • designing and delivering a significant leadership development program for the civil service (“Leading with Impact” with Aston University is listed as one of the best learning programs here)

As we have developed models, and increased our skill, we are now also offering coaching and training support for those that are operating in this area. We run regular co coaching as well as offering coaching supervision.

To complement this we are developing a suite of online capabilities that support not just our organisational clients but can act as a tool for our support clients.

Wheresmylunch is a versatile business that brings fun and experience into what we work on with our clients, supplying stretch, safe places and development to deliver in this increasingly challenging world.