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You are trusting us with your information and we take this privacy responsibility very seriously. We have secured our website with an EV SSL certificate which ensures that information you send to us over the internet is safe from prying eyes.To obtain this type of certificate, Wheresmylunch have had to complete an extended validation checking the validity of the company and the domain. All your browsing through this site is using https URLs and should show as secure in your web browser.

Wheresmylunch Limited are also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office What this means is that we subscribe to the best operating practice for how we store, process and use your data.

We also subscribe to the Personal Information Promise (see here for listing) – a copy of which can be downloaded from here..


We do use cookies (which are small files placed on your computer) to help streamline your browsing experience on our website.Without them, the functionality of this website would be limited. We use these cookies to remember you on this site, such as purchases, correspondence and your settings, as well as providing useful anonymised marketing analytics which we use to help improve our engagement with you. More information about how we use cookies is available here.

What do sign ups mean for your privacy?

Some elements of this website request more information such as sign ups to receive newsletters, tips and advice or simply to deliver a product.After you have subscribed to receive any of these updates, there will always be a way to unsubscribe by following links on the footer of emails.

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