The importance of great onboarding of clients

Starting your journey with a coach

We learn in our CPD the importance of providing a great onboarding experience – or chemistry meeting. In this meeting we invite a potential client to meet us and have a chat about their experience of coaching, expectations, and whether they get on with us. But how many times do we actually turn down working […]

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5 key rules about team coaching.

Team Coaching

Working as a team coach is often challenging in many ways. Perhaps there are players that are not on board with the approach, perhaps a team is dysfunctional, perhaps different motivations are in play and / or perhaps a team is not really a team but a group of individuals performing to delivering an outcome […]

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A few thoughts about the power of reflection

power of reflection

Over the past month, I have been dipping into some of the wonderfully rich learning experience of the World Business and Executive Coaching Summit (WBECS). This brings together industry leaders into a learning space where thought leaders are sharing their research and methods that can help move people to a different and elevated position in […]

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