Making a difference beyond the odds

I heard this story today from a friend. The story takes place on a beach where thousands of starfish have been washed up. The tied is going out, and the sun is coming up. A young girl is bending down and picking up a starfish, one at a time, and throwing them into the sea. […]

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I’m fine… really?

Feeling Fine - really?

How many people have you spoken to today? How many of these people replied “I’m fine” when asked how they were? Perhaps this response could be a bit of positive psychology taken a bit too far. A friend made me chuckle last year when he explained to me what I had just said. He suggested […]

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Why let 10 seconds the rest of the day?

Happy Businessman

I ran a workshop yesterday exploring high performance in teams and how to overcome some of the ‘interferences’ that can occur. As I was running the workshop, we dipped into change and the Bridges model about Endings and New Beginnings and the importance of letting go of old processes and behaviours. Things happen in our […]

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Improving health, improving mind.

Since Christmas, I have been working with a personal trainer to improve my fitness levels. Each week, I religiously prepare for the hour ritual of bodily torture and celebration. For me, I need to be able to justify to myself the reasons why I am giving the time not just to this ritual but also […]

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