Our Story

I was stood in a room with some of my clients. We were talking about how some people were buying domain names. Time was fast approaching lunch when one of my clients asked rather loudly “Where’s my lunch?”

The name stuck, and that evening I purchased Wheresmylunch.co.uk. This was March 2007.

The following year, I left the company that I was working with to study for my full-time MBA (This is a story in itself). In October 2008, I registered the company – Wheresmylunch Limited. Subsequent years have seen the .com added to help in forthcoming expansion into the US market.

A fun, quirky name that kicked against the accepted norms of telling people about the business in its title, has survived a recession and looks set to survive the COVID 19 pandemic.

Impulsive – perhaps. but definitely a decision that was taken with future thinking hindsight.

Later, I came across a book called ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ by Spencer Johnson. Without spoiling the short story, the very accessible book captures the journey of two mice that adapt to a changing world around them.

This story describes what the core of Wheresmylunch is about.

We work with people, assisting them in adjusting their personal and business journey to achieve more.

We upskill, build confidence, motivate, build resilience and help our clients to identify the true them that can deliver what they want to be. We provide executive coaching working with our amazing clients both in a 1 on 1 and small group context.

For several years, the work that we did with other coaches was delivered under the Wheresmylunch brand but we have since moved this specific coach and mentor service to The Coach Zone. We have found that by splitting this from Wheresmylunch, this has helped us to keep the propositions for both services clean.

All our brands are built on high degrees of trust, for generosity and community. We know we are privileged in working with our clients – we accept that and thank our clients in sharing their journey with us.

If you are interested to work with us, then contact us here.