What we ask of the coaching relationship

What we commit to you

Our commitment to you is that we will provide you with structure, accountability and honest feedback to support you as you explore new ways of observing situations, other people and your possibilities. We will be a sounding board for you and will provide you with tools to support you to develop alternative approaches, plans, strategies, challenge assumptions and achieve the goals you design.

Specifically you have our commitment to:

  1. Be present and on time for all your coaching sessions
  2. Actively listen to you and reflect back to you in your words your thoughts and ideas to enable clarity of thinking
  3. Be a stand for you and give you non judgemental constructive feedback
  4. Eplore any topic you wish to discuss
  5. Hold what you tell me in strict confidentiality
  6. Help you to become aware of self limiting beliefs and behaviours
  7. Be focussed on you and your best interests

What we ask of you

We believe that each and every client already has the resources and talent to do whatever it is they set out to do. One to One coaching is a resource that enables clients to explore their possibilities, enhance their self awareness and grow in a secure environment. The responsibility to fully utilise this resource is with the client and the results are dependent on the actions taken by you the client. Personal learning, self discovery and expansion can be uncomfortable at times, and we urge you to take this opportunity and face these challenges with our full support.

We expect you to :

  1. Be fully present in the coaching session, come with a clear mind and prepared for what you want to discuss
  2. Be willing to let us know when things are not working for you
  3. Be willing to challenge your own assumptions, give coaching the benefit of the doubt and try new concepts, new ways of approaching situations
  4. Be open minded about your possibilities
  5. Take responsibility for your own outcomes and success
  6. Be honest about your personal and professional challenges
  7. Ask for what you need from the coaching sessions