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Leadership Coaching

Working with you and your team to help you focus on the things that improves growth

Working with Strategy

Need a hand with your business strategy, reorganisation or a confidant to chat with?

Working with People

Assisting leadership potential and talent to develop and hone leadership skills through individual and group discoveries

Working with Ideas

Encouraging innovation and idea generation for leaders and senior management teams

This is what some of our clients say …

Working with Simon was easy as he is personable and communicates really well. He does challenge you and pushes you to come up with solutions which at the time is uncomfortable, but after reflecting feels as if you have successfully hurdled a ten-foot wall. Would I recommend Simon as a Coach, 100% yes. I looked forward to all of our sessions and enjoyed our side chats to get to know one another. It was good to know Simon as a real human and not simply as a ‘coach’. With thanks to the work we did together in our sessions, I now look how and what I focus on and what is really important in my work.


Area Manager

A professional coach who draws out of you the actions and activities that you need to achieve to move to the next level of delivery based upon your needs and aspirations. Once a sceptic, I am I believe now operating with a more strategic mindset that is benefitting the organisation, my colleagues and myself. Thank you. 


Simon is engaging and easy to talk to. He easily navigates at various levels and has the rare skill of leveling the room (whether real or virtual) when facilitating among a wide range of abilities. Simon is naturally curious and innovative, always in quest of new ways of thinking, understanding, and communicating. As a coach and supervisor, this translates into asking insightful questions and challenging you to think differently.


I have known Simon for well over 10 years now and throughout that time I’ve benefited a huge amount from his tremendous knowledge and experience in the coaching space. I admire his passion as a coach and his generosity to share and engage other coaches in their growth and development. Most recently I’ve invested in Simon’s supervision group and enjoyed great value from each meeting. Some of the skills I respect the most in Simon’s supervision, are his ability to empathise and encourage, be silent and allow each person space, yet challenge and enable deep insight and learning. I would highly recommend anybody to work with Simon either as a coach or supervisor.


Our thinking

Six considerations for adding flow to chaos

Six considerations for adding flow to chaos

It would be wonderful if we could predict and control the future flow. However, we live in a chaotic world where the future is generally unknown. Look at the impact of Brexit, and now Covid-19. Chaos can be defined as a “place between order and disorder” where the...

Five methods to act on when you are stuck

Five methods to act on when you are stuck

We have all been there, right? There is a massive list of things that we need to do – so massive that as we stare at it and add more to it as we stare at it, we are overwhelmed. Overwhelmed to the point that we won't do anything. I remember when I was starting up my...

Five key rules about team coaching.

Five key rules about team coaching.

Five key rules about team coaching Working as a team coach is often challenging in many ways. Perhaps some players are not on board with the approach. Maybe a team is dysfunctional; perhaps different motivations are in play. Perhaps a team is not a team but a group of...

7 methods to help you get unstuck

7 methods to help you get unstuck

"I am stuck, I just cannot make a decision. There are so many things to choose from...." - are common indicators that the procrastination police are needed to help you move on. So how can you move on through the plethora of 'stuff' and actually do something? Sometimes...

Increasing your serendipity index can improve your luck.

I don’t believe in luck. I believe that any action that people take advances to some form of outcome based on a complex clump of interconnecting inertias. An area of coaching, called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), works on an understanding of a process. In his...