Starting your coaching journey with us

Taking the first step to engage a coach can sometimes appear quite daunting. You are inviting someone into your thinking processes to provide a forward-focused thinking space to provide a better future outcome for you and the ‘system’ around you.

How we start to work together sets the scene.

We believe that the relationship between your future coach and you as a “coachee” is fundamental in creating this thinking space where things happen. Your first conversation with your potential coach will be an informal chat where you will get to know a bit about each other. This is often termed a “Chemistry Session”, as you are testing how the two of you can work.

You will explore

  • how the relationship between you and your coach can work;
  • your history of coaching and the experience of your coach;
  • the objectives that you want to achieve as an outcome of your coaching;
  • the confidentialities of the coaching relationship and conversations with other parties;
  • the nitty-gritty of how the coaching will work such as frequency, meeting durations, and meeting locations;
  • any questions that either you or your coach may have regarding the creation of this future-thinking space.

This session is likely to be conducted over a virtual platform such as Zoom, or Teams – depending on your preference.

If you are ready to take that step and have a chat, please get in touch.