Coaching Supervision

Coaching Supervision is a must have for the professional coach of today and we are proud to be able to include this as an offer to our coaching colleagues.

As coaching becomes even more diverse, and the demands placed on a coach are becoming more challenging, the coaching supervisor needs to ensure that there is a safe place of trust that encourages both this restorative process but also a place for reflection. Coaching Supervision provides this safe space that allows a coach to present challenges that they are finding difficult to process by themselves and this may be impacting the way that they are dealing with their clients. This interference needs to be dealt with to return the coach to their glorious self, and this is assisted through engaging a trained coaching supervisor.

What is coaching supervision?

Coaching supervision allows time for you as a coach to explore your own coaching practice. There are three well held beliefs on what elements coaching supervision includes

  1. Coaching you, the coach, on your practice.
  2. Providing mentoring to help in your development.
  3. A sense check, or external perspective to help maintain the great work that coaches can provide.

How often should you do coaching supervision?

For one to one coaching supervision, it has been acknowledged that a 1:20 ratio is a good frequency. That is 1 hour of supervision to 20 hours of coaching. Of course, this is a rough estimate and depends on

  • personal coaching situations,
  • your clients situation
  • how new you are to coaching.

Early stage coaches could require more supervision as they establish their practice as could coaches operating in the highly stretching executive coaching space.

How does our coaching supervision work?

We use Zoom, a video conferencing facility, to deliver this. We will help get you setup for using Zoom shortly after the book your session.

At the start of a coaching supervision engagement, we will handle your on boarding process. This is important as it helps agree expectations such as ethical requirements, note taking, timing responsibilities and other tests to get you up and running.

We supply three durations for this type of supervision. Due to how we run these sessions, there is likely to be short notice availability.

  1. 60 minute coaching supervision
  2. 90 minute coaching supervision – *most popular*
  3. 120 minute coaching supervision

Should you wish to enter into a longer term coaching supervision agreement, then please get in contact.

At the end of each session, we will provide you with a certificate of supervision.

Additional Services

  1. We do also offer group coaching supervision for those that are comfortable learning with others, and this can sometimes become more cost efficient.
  2. If you are interested in face to face coaching supervision, then please contact us to explore how we can make that work.