What is Coaching?

Coaching is an interaction between a trained coach and what we term a coachee. Coaching can provide an invaluable and confidential space to explore situations, personal development, career and life plans, work / life balance issues, confidence, and actually anything that could be getting in the way of you being the you that you want to be.

To help make coaching effective, we treat every coachee as unique with unique and individual situations, circumstances and drivers. We therefore spend time in ensuring we understand what the client wishes to achieve, and so ‘onboarding’ of our clients is critical. This process of onboarding involves completion of some simple online forms, as well as a conversation (usually by a video conference tool such as Zoom). The objective of this session is to ensure that we are compatible and that we can add value to our future trusted relationship

What are the benefits to working with a trained and experienced coach?

Coaching can be incredibly personal. We like to work at understanding what is getting in the way, and work with you on strategies to overcome that. The methods that we use are varied, and all we ask is that you are present with us through the coaching relationship. A trained coach is committed to and is passionate about their life long learning and also about self reflection practices involving a coaching supervisor. This commitment to learning is essential to ensure that our clients are engaged with the latest thinking.

You are in safe hands with coaching from Wheresmylunch!

We hold confidentiality as our primary focus in any coaching that we undertake. We work within the global framework of ethics recognised by the Association for Coaching, the EMCC and the ICF. This helps us to frame both our clients and our own responsibilities.

Options for Coaching.

There are two options to think about when deciding the best coaching route for you. These options depend on whether you want to

  • meet face to face or
  • whether you would like to work with us virtually using an established video conferencing facility or phone.

Some clients prefer to mix and match depending on what works best for them.

For clarity, any prices that are quoted are exclusive of any travel (and if necessary) accomodation costs which will be billed post meeting.

How much with professional coaching from Wheresmylunch cost?

Our coaching costs £280 per hour (excluding VAT, and incidental expenses as mentioned above).

What else do you need to know about our Coaching?

We will look after your journey through coaching. We want you to be happy in your choice of coach and

  • Single sessions will be paid for using out online booking system (60,90,120 minutes).
  • Multiple sessions for corporate, public and third sector (subject to credit checks) will be invoiced on a per meeting or monthly basis dependant on requirement. If this interests you, we would suggest a call to explore what you are thinking.