TELL ME – an innovative way to receive constructive feedback


There is nothing better than receiving positive feedback from people that we work with and hold close. What if we could also receive developmental feedback from these people too, feedback that will make a difference to the way that we perform and the way that we work with people.

TELL ME is an easy to use situational feedback tool that can be used by a manager or leader to receive constructive and critical feedback.

Simply let us have the email addresses and the contact names of those you want to receive feedback from and we will do the rest. Being fully automated, this feedback tool will generate an anonymous feedback report that is sent straight to you on completion by the respondent.

We have used this in group and one on one work with our clients and we want to make it available now to a wider audience based on the responses and improvements that have been seen.

Often, people that use this tool do so with a coach helping them to identify with the strengths and weaknesses although you will be supplied with some questions that you can personally managefor self reflection.

Buying our TELL ME product is simple – we are not interested in the number of respondents, you buy access via a subscription. No longer do you have to keep count of those that you want to complete it – just fill your boots with useful feedback for the next 30 days. The report will drop into your email inbox and you can continue on your development journey.

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