Workplace Performance Test and Feedback – TRAIT


This TRAIT psychometric report provides deep insights into performance, revealing areas for improvement. By assessing motivations, optimism, dependability, social and emotional styles, this powerful tool identifies which areas require a development plan.

The test takes just a few minutes to complete before producing an easy-to-read report, which serves as a guide on how to change behaviour and improve performance.

After taking the test, click through on the link supplied when you purchase for your 60 minute Skype developmental session.

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Being able to predict work place performance and talent is key in today’s organisation. This TRAIT psychometric tool has been built from academic research, so is designed by science for business. Trait is built on 13 dimensions and 9 job competencies that capture all the key aspects of personality specific to workplace performance.

The tool assesses a wide range of important work related traits, in particular:

  • Optimism & Positivity – the attitude towards success and control over outcomes
  • Emotional Sensitivity – how people perceive their own and others’ emotions
  • Achievement Drive – the motivation to complete tasks and succeed

Trait is the result of extensive research and development by leading work psychologists at Aston Business Assessments. As a result of over 2000 evaluations on people working in the UK, their research demonstrated that Trait is reliably accurate in predicting job performance, sales success and leadership potential in the workplace.

The online test itself takes just 10-15 minutes to complete, after which you can instantly download concise, easy-to-read reports.

On completion of the test, please book your 60 minute Skype developmental session where you will be able to ask questions and draw actions from the output to the test that you have completed. The link to book this will be sent to you on successful purchase of the TRAIT tool.